Gorgeous brunette with nice boobs Juliana Simms demonstrates her body

Channel: Scoreland

Starred: Juliana Simms

Description: Now a SCORELAND alumnus, Juliana Simms has returned and its awesome to have her back. This time we go to the gym with Juliana. SCORELAND Hi Juliana, welcome back. Have your boobs gotten bigger since the last time you posed at the end of 2014? Juliana It is good to be back. I think my boobs are the same size as before. SCORELAND Do you still work in the flower business? What kind of clothing do you wear at work? Juliana Yes, I still work with flowers and I always like to wear tight tops at work. SCORELAND Have your breasts ever broken a bra hook or a strap? Juliana Yes, many times and sometimes a bikini strap. My breasts are very heavy. SCORELAND Do you know how much your boobs weigh now? Juliana No, but they weigh a lot! I should have them weighed one day, yes? SCORELAND When you are going through airports, do the security people give you special attention? Juliana Yes, very much and sometimes security must touch me. That is annoying.

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