Good-looking hottie Elena 340 fucked in her tight anal hole

Channel: Backroom Casting Couch

Starred: Elena

Description: Rick has quite the treat for us this week. I say us, because I didn’t even know until the last minute. It seems our prospective porn starlet was referred to us by someone you may remember… Our ripe and ready 18 year old Elena is actually Reynas sweet little SISTER!!! Can you believe that shit?! LAUGH OUT LOOOOUUUUD. The “producers” still hadnt called Reyna, and about a week after her shoot, she reached out and told us about her sister. So we said, “Sure, helping bring other young ladies into the biz can only better your chances at getting work, so why not?” So I got to test out this bubbly little teen and boy-howdy was it something! Elena has a good idea of what is going to happen. I mean why wouldn’t your older sister prep you for something like this. We bring her in, set her on the couch and get to it. She’s adorable, doe eyed and ready to make some real money. During the couch interview, we get to know her a little better and she seems like your typical teenager. Then, we strip her down and get a good look at that butthole. Next, I give her some head, then we let her play with some toys. After that, I get a chance to find out which sister sucks a better dick… (personally, Reyna gave one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had, so she’s got some pretty big shoes to fill).. and Elena is definitely on the map. There’s really nothing better than a young girl who actually likes to suck cock. Next, I rail that sweet pussy on the desk and she takes it well even with a butt plug in her ass. She gets it in a couple different positions before I finally make all her dreams come true and get in that ass. She’s had experience with anal before, apparently those experiences didn’t last long enough. Well that’s not gonna happen today. Today she’s gonna get the anal experience she’s alllwaaaaays wanted haha. You know all things considered she did a really fantastic job getting fucked in her 18 year old ass. She gets some tasty ATM and a couple sweet little gapes. This girl really is a trooper, so I reward her by allowing her to blow me until I blast alllll over her pretty face. I mean she gets straight covered. It’s so hot we have her answer a couple couch questions before she cleans up. Finally, we have her dress, then we send her back to her sissy. Im sure shell find more work out there - the industry needs quality girls like Reyna and her sister!

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