Good-looking soloing teen Mina is touching her hungry hole

Channel: MetArt X

Starred: Mina

Description: Cute brunette Mina smiles dreamily to herself as she gazes out of the café’s window, recalling an erotic memory. We see her in a sexy black lace slip, lifting it to expose and caress her slender body. Rushing home, the Latvian sweetheart undresses and lies on the bed, her dark nipples stiff as she starts to stroke her shaved pussy. She grabs a glass dildo from a drawer and sucks it to lube it up, circling it around her nipples and sliding it down to her pussy. She rubs it back and forth, getting it really wet before easing it into her tight slit. Thrusting it deep, she gasps with pleasure, strumming her clit to intensify the sensations. She turns onto her knees, fucking herself harder from behind; then lies back to diddle herself to a satisfying, slow-burning orgasm.

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